What You Need To Know Before You Buy an Engagement Ring

It’s one of the most exciting times of your life – you’ve found the one and you’re ready to spend forever with them. First things first, it’s time to pick that perfect engagement ring to pop the question. Starting your search can understandably be a little overwhelming, there are so many options to choose from. Don’t fret – we’ve got your definitive guide to the engagement ring shopping process that is sure to help you find your perfect ring. 1. Know the 4 C’s If you’re looking for a beautiful diamond engagement ring, it is essential to read up on the 4 C’s, as these will affect both the ring cost and the overall appearance. This includes cut, color, clarity, and carat weight. 2. Picking a Precious Metal Choosing a metal is an equally big decision that affects cost and appearance, because there are many factors to take into consideration. White gold or platinum? If gold, how many karats? Maybe rose gold? Things like lifestyle, overall style preference, plus your budget are the most important factors that affect your metal choice. Ask your jeweler to help break down the different metal types and what will fit best for you and your soon-to-be fiance. In addition, we’ve compiled a full list of the different metals. 3. Find Your Budget Once you’ve narrowed down your preferences on the 4 C’s and metal type, it’s easier to narrow down your budget, too. Between all the added costs that come with a wedding, there is no reason to go into debt over the engagement ring. It’s up to you, but we recommend opting for a beautiful engagement ring that fits your budget. Remember, there is no “right” number – it’s just about what is best for you. 4. Shape and Setting Style Bring you and your partner’s taste to life with your engagement ring. A simple taste might like a beautifully simple solitaire engagement ring, or a taste for extra sparkle might enjoy a halo engagement ring best. In addition, different engagement rings can flatter different finger types. Your unique finger shape and size be; it short, long, slender or wide might be complimented best with a specific ring style. 5. Debunk the Myths There are a lot of myths when it comes to buying an engagement ring. The most common being that the average budget is a “three months’ salary.” Every couple and budget is different, and that is okay. Additionally, a larger diamond ring does not necessarily mean it’s a better diamond ring. Like we mentioned above with the 4 C’s, carat size doesn’t always matter. In fact, the other 4 C’s cut, color and clarity – speak volumes to the overall quality of the rock far more than the carat size does. 6. Explore Your Options & Finding the Right Store From small family jewelers to large national chains, there are many options when it comes to where you’re going to buy that beautiful ring. You can also shop from the comfort of your own home. Online fine jewelry shopping is safer than ever, plus it’s often more convenient and affordable. Online jewelry retailers simply don’t have the overhead costs that most physical jewelry shops have, so beautiful, quality diamond engagement rings can be lower in price. TwoBirch’s prices are sometimes 20-50% less than what you would find in store, without sacrificing quality. 7. Warranties vs. Jewelry Insurance Insurance and warranties on your fine jewelry pieces are very different, and it’s important to understand what your jeweler offers with purchase. For example, TwoBirch offers a free one-year warranty with purchase, but there are specific requirements on what is covered. A good fine jewelry insurance plan will cover the full value of your jewelry piece in the unfortunate event of theft, any damage, or accidental loss. If you have any other questions about buying your beautiful engagement ring, get in touch with one of our experts today.