How Cool Dog Tag For Guys Jewelry Work As Add-on Accessories

Selecting jewelry for guys can be a tricky affair; it’s a fine line between looking elegant and gaudy while wearing jewelry, especially for guys who are not too much in the jewelry products. When talking about men’s jewelry, it includes add-on accessories after the outfit like watches, rings, bracelets, cufflinks, and earrings. Over time with confidence, the guys will wear the above items, which will complement their personality; hence popular jewelry stores have also started selling these products, giving them a new avenue for sale. These products also make a personalized gift for the guys. Why engrave the guy’s name? One of the best places to start is the watches when selecting for jewelry as it is a common accessory worn by men and also acts as a status symbol. A watch with a leather strip can be used for both formal and casual occasions, whereas a steel stripped watch can be used only for formal occasions. The watch can be customized by engraving the guy’s name at the bottom of the watch, making it a special gift. The second option is the bracelets, as they are small and can be easily stacked. Bracelets can be simple, or you can easily go overboard with it. For guy’s incase of jewelry, less is more. The bracelet should be selected so that it doesn’t clash with the worn watch since the guy has only a pair of hands. Bracelets come of different material likes leather, wooden or metal depending upon the choice of the guy. Wooden and leather bracelets often pair well with casual or business outfits. Metal bracelets, however, lie towards more of a professional side. A little lure to attract guys Cool dog tag for guys is also an option, though it is not conventional jewelry, it does have a little lure that attracts guys towards it. Maybe the history of the origin of the dog tag related to military and wars. It was used to have identification details of the soldier and their blood group and inoculation details. The rugged look and being grey it doesn’t contrast with the formal look as well as a casual look. It also serves the ornamental purpose. Another jewelry that serves as an ornamental purpose is the rings for guys. It is advisable to wear two or three rings max. The rings also should not be bulky, and most of the time, the rings are metal, and it is important that it matches other accessories or jewelry like a necklace worn by the guy. For a casual look, the guy can opt for a wooden or hybrid kind of ring. For your workplace The hardest piece of jewelry for a guy to pull off is the earrings, especially at the workplace. It is always advisable to tread lightly when selecting the jewelry as it brings a lot of attention to your face. Hence it should be subtle, and if you are wearing it in a professional setting, ensure that you have read the company’s rule book before wearing it to office. The common identification tag worn by the military personnel is known as dog tags. It contains the basic information of the personnel like the blood group, history of vaccination, and religious preference, which is easy for identification purposes, mostly during the time of war in case there is a casualty. But nowadays it is deemed as a part of fashion like a cool dog tag for guys. It comes in various formats and colors and is provided with different kinds of engravings. In some of the dog tags, there are miniature photos of the loved ones imprinted on the tags. It is considered as a piece of cool jewelry for men. The tags are mostly made of non-corrosive metals and hence last for a long period of time.