Be Your Family’s Santa Claus This Christmas

We have come to the point of life and thinking where it doesn’t really matter what one’s religion is anymore. We love the spirit of festivals and celebrate each of them, respective of whether our religious books had a mention of them or not. India is a secular state and we have over a dozen religions followed throughout the country. We are also titled as the birthplace of four major religions of the world – Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism, and Sikhism. India is full of monuments and temples spread belonging to various religions, generously throughout the country. Since when we are young, we get holidays in school on every festival, without contemplating on their religion of the child. Thus, unknowingly imbibing the feeling of unity and oneness in everybody. Our country witnesses the celebration of one festival or the other throughout the year. We are always in a festive mood and it is especially the last quarter of each year that sees the maximum number of lighting, festivities, and sharing and spreading of happiness. To keep in sync with the line of traditions, we have become accustomed to gifting our loved ones on all major festivals. One such gifting season comes once a year on the birth anniversary of Jesus Christ – Christmas Day. While you are all set to deck up that Christmas tree, you must also be looking for gifts to be put under it for your family and friends. If you wish to be your family’s Santa Claus this Christmas, then we have a freshly baked list of 12 gifts that you can wrap up and place under the Christmas tree or put in the Christmas stocking. 1. Abstract Art Painting Art is loved by everybody and if you have an art lover at your home, and we are sure they would be really impressed with your choice of painting (we won’t tell them you took the idea from us!) This abstract art painting has mesmerising colours and a subtle message with dancing women in various colours showing the spirit of life. Isn’t this exactly what Christmas is all about – celebrating life? 2. Utility Side Table We always recommend people to gift a gift that will prove to be of some use. After all the things that we use remind us more about the person who gifted it to us. Every family has that one person who like to hoard up their bed side with uncountable number of stuff and are always in requirement of more space. If the prior line reminded you of somebody, then you have just laid your hands on the perfect gift. This multipurpose utility side table has an energetic orange colour and is sure to add vigour to their room and life. 3. Dream Catcher For the one who dream too much, with their eyes both open and close, a dream catcher would make up to be the perfect gift. Bright red in colour, just as the spirit of Christmas day, with dangling feathers, bright red rose flowers, and crescent shaped moon. Nothing more beautiful to adorn your room as a minimalistic dream catcher. 4. Aroma Burner Set For the one who has a hectic job and tiring hours, you can give them the gift of aromatherapy. This aroma burner set comes with lavender aroma oil and tea light candles. The fragrance that is emitted by this burner set will make the receiver of the gift forget their worries and sleep a good night’s sleep to wake up fresh and rejuvenated. 5. Designer Single Bed Reversible AC Blanket We all know people who like to have their AC on at full swing and then be buried under puffy AC blanket. Yes, there are more people who does that than you think. If you know somebody who likes to do that or simply somebody who loves everything that has pretty flowers and captivating hues, then there can be no better gift than this designer single bed reversible AC blanket