12 Extremely Gorgeous Bridal Mehndi Designs That Won Our Hearts

Hello ladies! Let us talk about something we all like to look at and admire and even try out if possible. Yes yes, we are talking about that beautiful and naturally cooling thing we all know, i.e., Mehndi. And what could be more magnificent to look at than bridal mehndi designs, for which the process and the results both are incredibly satisfying and worth the effort? What you’ll find next are 12 extremely gorgeous bridal mehndi designs that won our hearts. PS: All these mehndi design ideas are just perfect to be adorned on your bid day or to flaunt at your BFF’s wedding. 1. For the love of flowers Perfect for the bride who loves her garden, the flowers, and everything in nature, this intricate yet not so filled in design would add to the playful, fresh vibe of the chirpy bride. Just imagine how beautiful this one would look with the bridal outfit, and more so with the colorful mehndi ceremony attire! 2. Say hello to henna grids. You’ll love this gorgeous henna grid pattern that makes up bridal mehndi designs for full hand, if you are anything like us. This pattern is quick to do and yet does not look any less beautiful. Furthermore, it also helps to fill the hands quickly and achieve more coverage. 3. With love, from Pakistan. The Asian nation of Pakistan might not be well-known for many things, but the Pakistani henna art is something you would want to try out at least once in your lifetime. The dainty and unique design makes for quite an eye-catching adornment. 4. Mandala magic The soothing and symmetric aura of mandalas transformed into a gorgeous full hand mehndi design! It really cannot get any more magical than this (or maybe it can, read ahead to find out!). 5. The intricate delicacy A lot of us ladies are obsessed with intricate, dainty designs that make you go wow! These designs are a lot of effort without a doubt, but the outcome, as you can see, is an absolute heart-winning and delicate design. 6. Heart-trapping jaali work Often, we give all our attention unfairly to bridal mehndi designs for the hands, devoting just meager time to choosing one for the feet. But you have to agree; there is something excessively charming about mehndi on the feet. Jaali work is frequently seen design in many cultures and would also look gorgeous on your flawless pedicured feet. 7. Pretty paisley Paisley motifs are very commonly occurring elements in ethnic designs, including mehndi designs. They are pretty effortless to achieve and add a natural, cheerful touch to your arms. 8. Feisty footwork The suggestions we are giving you would have been incomplete without a feisty bridal mehndi design for the feet, for that teasing and sensual look. 9. For the fuss-free bride We understand that not all of you might think of heavy designs taking hours to do when you think of your bridal mehndi. Light designs such as this one would give you that beautiful traditional touch without taking much of your time. 10. Lovely symmetry This combination of mehndi designs for the hands and feet would be perfect for the bride who loves symmetry and order in her choices (Monica alert!). 11. Personalized mehndi Customized henna designs, including elements from the couple’s personal life or love story, are the new rage in town. These primarily include drawings symbolizing the place or time of the couple’s meeting, their choices, and hobbies, etc. 12. For the playful bridesmaids Last but not least, let’s have an eyeful of this gorgeous diamond-shaped mehndi design which would be ideal for bridesmaids. We hope you enjoyed going through our suggestions and would absolutely love it if any of these helped you pick the design for your big day. Happy styling! 🙂