Tuberose Attar – The First Attar You Should Try in Your Life

Tuberose Attar is personally my favorite attar for daily use. Once I was with a group of friends and they asked me which perfume I am wearing. They told me while the smell is sweet but it is more comfortable for their olfactory senses. So, as a good friend, I have to answer. But first I had to explain to them what attars are? What are Attars? Attars are basically natural perfume oils that are obtained from natural sources like flowers, herbs, or spices. You can say they are the first perfumes humans ever starting using because back then there were no factories and chemicals involved. These attars were once the souvenirs exchanged between kingdoms. European kings came to Indian to get these real ‘Perfumes’. These are meant to be the pride for them. But when chemistry evolved and humans starting manufacturing perfumes of their own choice that at their factories, things changed. Cheap price and consistent strong smell became the unique selling points for those artificial perfumes. But as people say, Nothing lasts forever. Mental stress became a big thing and people wanted something that can calm their minds. That is why Attars are becoming popular again. Why You should try attars? Attars are completely natural, I mean 100%. They are made from organic ingredients, no harmful toxic chemicals, no cruelty on animals, can relax your mind, and best of all, Eco-Friendly. I think these are some great reasons to use attars in your daily life. One misconception about attars is that they don’t last long. I am not talking about the smell, the scent or aroma of attars lasts for more than 12 hours a day. I am talking about quantity. Because perfumes come in packs of 100mls, but attars came in small tiny bottles. Something here to remind us of the fact that attars come in complete pure forms, hile in perfumes, 90% of the content is industrial alcohol. These are some great reasons to try attars. But where should you start? I will recommend starting with Tuberose Attar Tuberose Attar- Soft Sweet Aroma of Kannauj There are many different and unique attars in our world, which are made by perfumers of kannauj. There is Jasmine Attar, which is quite popular in the Arabic world and among females because of the floral smell. There is one-of-a-kind Mitti Attar which gives the smell of rain packed in a bottle. There is also al luxurious attar of saffron which lends the warn bold aroma of it on you. But these are maybe too strong for people who have never tried anything like them before. That is where Tuberose Attar comes into the picture. The fragrance of tuberose is not too strong like it will block your nose, but also not too soft like it will just disappear. Tuberose aroma is just the best for a middle note. Made from the fresh Rajnigandha flowers harvested in South India, this attar is slowly growing popularity in the USA & UK. Even in wholesale, the demand for it is increasing since it suits and blends well with many beauty and cosmetics brands. You can get Tuberose Attar only from the limited store in India. I prefer Tuberose Attar made in Kannauj Attar since they export to the USA & UK as well. But this is my view, what are yours, please