A Man’s Guide to Choose The Right Essence

There are many men out there who have not discovered the world of cologne and perfumes and fail to understand why wearing a fragrance can be important. And those who know its importance get confused while selecting the right one. A majority of the men simply depend on a big brand to get the job done. To that end, mentioned below are some things men can keep in mind while purchasing a new cologne or perfume. Why Wear Cologne Or Perfume? It is a known fact that women consider scent as an important attribute while choosing a man. A good fragrance will make you more attractive to women. It can trigger memories and allow your significant other to build a powerful connection with you. Types of Fragrances There are roughly five categories of fragrances, namely: Eau Fraiche: It is rarely seen in the market as it is one of the weakest fragrances as it stays just for an hour. Eau de Cologne: It is a generic term used for all types of fragrances. It is stronger than Eau Fraiche and lasts for up to two hours. Eau de Toilette: It is much stronger than colognes and lasts from three to six hours. Perfume: It is used by both men and women. It is very strong and lasts up to eight hours. Parfum: This is the strongest of all and even a small dab lasts up to 24 hours. It is also the most expensive of all. Fragrance Notes Each perfume or cologne has different notes which determine its scent. The three fundamental notes are top, medium, and base. The top note is a very basic, initial smell which can be sensed immediately after wearing it. It lasts for a very short while, and the base notes are typically flowery, citrusy, powdery, or spicy. The medium note comprises the main characteristic of a fragrance which develops after the top note vanishes. After usage, they can last up to 3-5 hours. And the very last base notes last for 5-10 hours and can be sensed at the very finish, towards the end of the day. Some basic base notes are sandalwood, vanilla, smoke, musk etc. Cost Pricing is an important factor when purchasing a cologne. But a higher-priced fragrance does not necessarily promise good results. However, if you are planning to buy perfume gift sets online to give to your special ones, try to look for a scent which they would like. Try to buy a perfume which complements your natural body odour. Some experimentation might be involved to figure this out. How To Wear Cologne You do not have to bathe yourself in the cologne. A cologne or eau de toilette can be applied on particular areas, like on the armpits, wrists, behind the ears, etc, especially after coming out of a shower. Try to apply it just after bath directly on the skin to make it last longer. Also, reuse it only when required. Do not use the technique of spraying and walking through it as it does not work and wastes your expensive cologne. Final Word Colognes and perfumes are staples of the civilized society and are crucial catalysts of enhancing a personality. Their usage and significance just can’t be stressed enough. Rocking a scent is not only a desirable quality, but it also adds a certain character and strength to your personality. They make for great gifts, too. So, if you have a hard time thinking of gift ideas, just look for perfume gift sets online and come back to this guide to help yourself forward.