Travel Essentials You Shouldn’t Miss When Going on a Trip in Monsoon

When planning the perfect trip, there are so many things to consider that it can leave you overwhelmed. There’s the stress around choosing the perfect location and then obviously looking at the weather forecast. Only a novice traveler will forget to look at the weather conditions before packing their belongings. While it’s easy to decide what to pack if the weather is dry, it becomes more difficult if the weather is going to be rainy. If you are travelling in the monsoon season, then you may have to take extra precautions while packing. The Monsoon season usually has days with sudden thunderstorms and pouring rain. The weather will be humid and the thunderstorms will come without warning, so you should always be prepared. If you are travelling in areas where the rain is quite heavy, then you should first consult with a tour guide to see whether there is no possibility of flash flooding or other such issues. If you pack the right travel essentials when travelling during the monsoon season, then you will be safe from many possible mishaps. Here are a list of essentials that you should always pack when going on a trip during monsoon: 1. Girl be Brave umbrella When it comes to travelling in the monsoon season, then the first thing that should you should pack is a good strong umbrella. This Girl Be Brave umbrella is made from double layered fabric which prevents it from getting torn in strong winds or heavy rain. It has a beautiful colored designed to allow you travel with style. The umbrella is easy to pack and is foldable, allowing it to fit in your handbag, so you always have it with you. When it comes to travelling in monsoon, you should always have this umbrella with you as the rains often come suddenly. 2. Water Resistant Backpack With the monsoon rains, anything is possible. There is no guarantee that you won’t get wet, even if you have taken all the necessary precautions. However, you can prevent your belongings from getting soaked in the rain by having a good water resistant backpack. This will prevent your essential documents, phone and other belongings from getting damaged in the heavy monsoon rains. A good waterproof backpack will have different pockets for extra protection and it will have multiple layers of waterproof material. Always look for a quality backpack to prevent damage to your essential belongings. 3. Girl Be Brave Water bottle When travelling in the rainy season, it is always important to avoid tap water and street food as contamination is usually high in this season. There is also the increased risk of waterborne diseases such as cholera, etc. This Girl Be Brave water bottle will help you keep clean drinking water wherever you go, do you don’t have to ruin your trip because of a bad stomach. The bottle is made of thick plastic that does not break easily and the inside contains a metallic surface to keep the water cool. Whenever you consider travelling during the monsoon season, you should always have your water bottle on top of your list of travel essentials. 4. First Aid Kit While you should always have a small First Aid Kit while travelling, it is even more necessary in the monsoon season. When the weather is humid, even small cuts can get infected quite easily, and the sooner you treat it, the better it will be. However, remember to practice safety first and avoid slippery surfaces, especially during the rains. 5. Girl Be Brave thermal Mug While the monsoon season is not cold by any means, the temperature can drop during the rains. There’s nothing better than watching the beautiful rain and sipping your favorite hot drink. Besides, hot drinks help you retain more water and they are recommended in humid weather. This mug has a leak resistant lid that will prevent spillage in your luggage and you can even carry it around in the rain. So next time you plan a trip to your favorite monsoon destination, remember to pack these essential items to help improve your trip. The monsoon might be a menace in some ways, but it is beautiful nonetheless, and you’ll get some of your best travel memories during this season.