The Square Scarf in Universities!

Square scarf. If you are searching for a way to jazz up your college gear, there is nothing better then taking a scarf to the college. In the 80’s, it started to emerge as an accessory for a studied look. Today it is used in a multitude of styles. There are so many to choose from that everyone can find one they like. To keep it stylish one can apply pins and appliques to add personality to their attire. They can be stretched to create cute shapes, layered with thin cotton for formality, and belted with leather for a hint of edge. A scarf is a convenient and versatile fashion accessory for any time of the year. It not only keeps the body warm, but is also a stylish accessory to add a little excitement to any outfit. Scarves may be worn as sarongs, tied around the waist as a belt, and wrapped around the neck as a simple top. They are warm, practical, and most of all they are cool! The square scarf is one of the most notable accessories in the fashion scene. These scarves provide an airy, open air to any outfit, and they can be used to dress up or dress down. A straw beach scarf, made of hand knitted wool or recycled through the use of a simple pair of scissors, is used to create the most colorful and extravagant designs. With just a few basic stitches, it can create a straight line or a swirl of color. For those who prefer to make a fashion statement, it can be tied around the neck and left out to hang in the sunlight, or with a loose knot, draped around the shoulder. Most scarves are made with a square pattern, but it is not necessary to do so. One of the few truly square scarves, made of 100% cotton, is a great wrap. The fabric drapes nicely around the body, and even without the use of a belt, it can be worn by itself on hot days. It can even be worn across the width of the abdomen as a waistcoat. Of course, the scarf can be tied using a straight or a wide ribbon. Scarves can be worn as sarongs, and worn tied over the head or with a sash, dressing up one’s summer dress, or dressing down a pair of jeans. They can be hung, folded, or tied in a circle, working with the roll of your arms, or working around your neck. Using a scarf around the neck, working a knot in one’s bra line, and tying a knot at the neck, works almost like magic. It is effortless, multi dimensional, and versatile. Another favorite winter accessory is a bright scarf. Like square scarves, they add an element of style and punch, especially to plain outfits. They can be used to brighten up bland outfits, or to add a bit of color to an otherwise drab dress. Scarves can be knotted, knotted at a double butterfly closure, and used as head wraps or to transform a plain tank top into something sassy. Scarves can be knit, dyed with a rainbow of colors, and used layered to create an eye catching outfit. Take a plain black tank top and make it pop with even just one scarf. Scarves are a great way to totally update your wardrobe without going deep into your pocket. Summer may be the best time to try out square scarves. However, they can be worn year round depending on the fabric and your preferences. Summer is one of the only times of year when you can go all out on colors. You can go as large as you would like, and just have fun with it. Try to get at least one silk scarf in every type of color. However, that doesn’t mean just one plain scarf. Get a plain white silk scarf to add to your collection. Nothing makes a statement like a playful scarf or one with a unique design. Try to fill your closet with interesting and new scarves to change up the classics. WALRIE , A Brand of Walrie S Gabriel ( NIFT Delhi ) is an emerging Fashion Designer who is in manufacturing of All types of Designer Apparel especially Gowns. Our expert Team produces beautiful Adroit & intricately crafted Wedding Gown, Evening Gown, Party Gown, Reception Gown, Prom Gown and accessories. Walrie designs the best wedding gown for ladies in Ranchi .