Must-have Stationaries on Your Work Desk at Home

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A large number of people both men & women are switching to ‘Work from Home.’ While work from home gives you freedom and flexibility it sometimes gets dull and boring as well! Most people feel that the home environment is making them lazy. However, one way to create an office-like environment in your home is to have the right stationery on your desk. The transition requires perfect planning and knowledge about the right stuff that you need for your work desk at home! Being equipped with the right stationery can make your office to work from home very easy and peaceful! Whether you are a work from home mom, a young freelancer, or an entrepreneur, girl you need some inspiring, motivating and uplifting stationery items! We have listed 5 must stationery items for women to tell you – Girl Be Brave and make it happen! 1. Pens & Highlighters: One of the most important offices stationery is pens and highlighters. So the first thing that you should add to your desk is a bunch of pens, pencils and some colourful highlighters. Make sure to buy a couple of pen packs. But don’t go for costly brands. Furthermore, buy different colour highlighters instead of buying one colour. It will help you categorize, organize and prioritize your tasks and schedule according to urgency and importance. 2. Girl Be Brave Notepad: What’s a workplace without some paper? But as you are working from you can be creative with your notepads and paper folders. Girl Be Brave is a simple, creative, elegant and motivating notepad. It’s a ring-bound, journal-type notebook that comes with an elastic band. The colour combination of the notepad is perfect – mild greenish shade with golden written ‘Girl Be Brave’ logo and rings. It’s the perfect stationery item to fill you with motivation and turn your dreams into reality. 3. Desk Calendars: Another important office stationery item that you need at your work desk at home is the desk calendar. Desk calendars are easy reminders for your day-to-day as well as other work-related agendas. There are a number of options when it comes to desk calendars. Buy a medium size desk calendar and make sure that you can write on it with pen or highlighter. 4. Post-it Notepads: In addition to highlighter pens, one more important stationery item for work from home people is post-it notepads. Buy different coloured post-it notepads so that you can distinguish the tasks and categorize things according to the deadline, and other relevant instructions. These post-its will help you to note important work-related details, timings of a meeting, project deadlines etc. furthermore there are some post-its in the shape of an arrow etc. – buy some of these as well. These will help you mark important dates on the calendar, important information in your files or notepad etc. 5. Girl Be Brave Paperweight: Paperweights are ‘must’ stationery for your work desk at homes! If you are not a big fan of files/folders or paper organizers then Girl Be Brave paperweight is your saviour. This acrylic paperweight has ‘Girl Be Brave’ written on it in bright golden colour.The elegance of the colour makes it an ideal addition to any workspace. Another reason why you should have these paperweights on your desk is that it can serve as the coaster as well. Girl Be Brave double duty paperweights prevent your papers from flying away. Furthermore, these can also be used the decoration on your desk! Bottom Line! Lack of proper and sufficient work from home stationery can cost your productivity. It can delay your processes, increases the chances to missed deadlines and executing insufficient work processes. Furthermore, without the proper stationery and office items, it gets quite difficult to keep everything organized. Therefore, whether you are a self-employed person or an active employee of a company – working from home due to COVID-19 – you have to invest in the right stationery items. In the latter case, the company should provide the proper ‘work from home kits’ to their employees to keep them motivated and helping them creating a work-life balance. Create an office-like environment at your homework desk and notice the significant change in your productivity and efficiency!