5 Must-have Women’s Casual Dresses

Every individual is entitled to embracing the style which defines who they are as a person & what do they feel cozy in. After all, fashion is all about commemorating distinct and unique looks which scream individuality from miles away. In terms of finding the dress for wearing on the night out, the alternatives are countless. Specific outfits flatter specific body types, occasions and weather, hence it might be confusing for trying and tackling the alternatives alone. Moreover, having a nice-fitted dress for all occasions means that you have a complete outfit for anywhere you may go, and the one which needs little-to-no-thought at that. This summer, make fashion head waves at your next destination or event with these 5 must-have ladies’ casual dresses – 1. Shirt Dresses – These are days while you are not in the mood for a top and pants. Now, this is where wearing dresses over Funny t shirts and shirts come into the pictures. Whether for the weekend or work, you won’t feel like overdresses in case you wear a nice shirt dress from Printshop by Designhill or even any dress over the funny tees to your weekend lunch. Have an important business meeting? These dresses won’t make you feel underdressed too. These shirt dresses are not a unique-occasion dress, however, it is an escalated option to the regular basics which has become the perennial fashion staple. Please note that casual wear is all about stylish comfort and simplicity. 2. Bodycon Dress – It is the tight-fitting dress that hugs the figure & accentuates the assets. They are usually made of stretchy material & are ideal for the night out on the town. It is perfect for the ones with the hourglass figure since it flatters your beautiful curves. These dresses give the silhouette the body-hugging appearance which draws attention to the female curves. Stretchy, oh-so-feminine, and tight fitted, that is what a bodycon dress at Printshop by Designhill is for you. They are often tighter along your bust region and hips area. Majorly comprised of the blended polyester, its fascinating design is the style trend which is followed by several possessing well-known hourglass figure. 3. Midi Dress – Sitting between the mini and the maxi dress, this midi is what everybody requires for the times while you are unsure about an event’s formality. This style can have any sleeve length or neckline, hence it is best for any body shape. Moreover, pull-on ankle boots and tights for an ideal winter look or grab the cute straw hat and the pair of flats for having a trendy picnic. The dress season never seems to fade away & honestly, we are not complaining. There is always one occasion or the other on the rise for which dolling up is relevant & the midi dresses, known for grazing your calf region, are the staple in these situations. 4. Little Black Dress – As Coco Chanel invented it, the LBD or Little Black Dress, as it is fondly called, has been the wardrobe staple for a majority of ladies throughout the Globe and is now available at Printshop by Designhill. From office meetings to dinner dates, this dress can get you through almost any occasion. Convenient to style, you can easily dress down or up the LBD. As per your preference and taste, you can choose 1 or more in different silhouettes, fabrics, and lengths. From white & black-tie events to wedding affairs and cocktail evenings, this little black dress is an ultimate savior attire while you have got nothing to wear on formal occasions. 5. Shift Dress – It was a huge trend in the early 1960s & has a boxy, simple shape. The shift dress is a typically sleeveless and short dress that hangs from your shoulders. These types of dresses are perfect for the ones having a column-Esque, lean body shape since they appear straight and now Printshop by Designhill makes them easily available online without any hassle. Also, you can style it with the duster mid-length jacket along with the pair of sling-back heels or knee-high boots, for offering it the real ’60s flair. This particular shape is a perfect blank canvas for print detail or colour blocking. As the name implies, these dresses are less body-hugging & thereby appeal to women of every shape and size. Being impacted by regular fashion news can take a toll on all of us. So, these are the most famous dress styles which are worn by women across the globe today. Fashion is all about discovering yourself & experimenting with whatever looks perfect on you & which looks must be out the window. You will be stunned to know how much mood and personality impact the attire. Believe us, when we say that fashion has no limits as neither does it any boundaries.